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Redrum was formed in 2002 when guitarist Timothy Walters (Timmy Wonder) recruited the then still active O.T.W (Offthawall) front man Shane Hall (Redrum) to record what he believed could be the next big rap-rock duo to make it to the top. Tim had known Shane from childhood and had listened to him rap many times and had always known Shane had something very rare. “I believed he could go heads up with anyone!” He is definitely a kracker with a slick mack!” The newly formed duo initially agreed to write and record a quick promotional 5-track demo. Tim would handle the music and Shane would concentrate on and lay down the vocal tracks. The finished product stacked with 13 powerhouse original tunes was quickly deemed worthy and titled “Suspicious Package.”

Getting "Suspicious Package" off the runway was the next step of Shane and Tim's journey. The guys recruited the help of a music veteran Prentiss Shane a.k.a Ramon who’s skill set includes music & video production.What originally started as a mission taken on by Ramon aimed at helping Redrum From KCMOTim & Shane un-ground “Suspicious Package” turned into something much bigger. It was during the planning of the infamous February 5th, 2005 show that would serve as a tribute to the East Side area of Kansas City, MO (where Shane & Tim grew up and met each other). The stage would be "Country's Tavern" formerly know as "Johnny's" for many years. An area landmark so to speak for many generations of "East Siders" The guys would pay tribute and also introduce the neighborhood to REDRUM & "Suspicious Package" Ramon would play bass as a favor but a drummer was still needed. The guys threw a few names around including ex-drummer Doug Smith a.k.a. "The Dawg" but after scouting the local scene drummer "Adam Black" (Spleen, Swamp Prophets, Sewn Among Thorns) would agree to sit in also as a favor. After only one rehearsal the four musicians quickly realized they had stumbled on to something special that was later to be called Mr. Love Jones.


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REDRUM ~ Suspicious Package

Suspicious Package Released 09.11.2004
produced by Timmy Wonder, Shane Wayne & Tha Dawg

From the lower East-Side streets of Kansas City, Missouri lingers a sound that can only be described as “the next level of old school”. Redrum’s self written, recorded and produced debut disc titled “Suspicious Package” featuring a 19-track entourage’ of solid grooves perfectly blended with the untouchable rhyming skills of Big Shane better known as the “White Devil”.