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Sadly Mr. Love Jones parted ways for the final time in early 2010 just before finishing work on their second full length album which included popular songs such as "Ms. Rainy Day", "My Daughters Eyes", rockers "Havok", Creeper & "You Don't Know" Before finally disassembling the band did release two demo's "Barely American" & American Nightmare which can both be downloaded below for FREE or from the band's Reverbnation Page.

The band originally formed in January 2005 and the four members made great strides working towards the goal of becoming a successful touring music act. Spearheaded by bass player "Ramon Shane " the band financed and built two separate band studios, recorded one full length album titled "Apology", filmed three videos, and wrote over 20 heartfelt songs during it's five years working together.

The high point of the 5-year span was the band's debut CD Release perfomance at the VooDoo Lounge at Harrah's Kansas City on June 20th, 2006. Shane Wayne ~ Voodoo LoungeTheir ensuing spectacular shows helped Mr. Love Jones stand out from other music acts in the area. "Each one of us had gone through many different things before forming Mr. Love Jones that helped us stay focused on our goal. It was difficult watching the band dismantle" states Timmy Wonder, former guitar player for Mr. Love Jones.

The last song to be written by the band was the tune "Long Time Coming" that is still set to be released sometime via Timmy Wonder Music Entertainment in 2012 along with several of the original tunes that were to be on the bands second full length album.

Why ultimately the journey ended for Mr. Love Jones no one really knows. It seemed success meant something different to each individual band member. Even with the pieces into place the band was overcome by their indifferences of direction and motivation.

The once magic passion and commitment of MLJ has faded but has left us with some great music however, and that’s what its really all about anyway; the music. Listen and you just may agree Mr. Love Jones certainly had something very satisfying

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Music press kits

Apology by MLJ ~ 2008

Apology ~ 2008
produced by Prentiss R Shane

View full album artwork, read song lyrics & more as well as listen to the full Apology CD at

American Nightmare by MLJ ~ 2009

American Nightmare Single ~ 2009
Recorded at studio city KCMO

Listen & DOWNLOAD FREE from the Mr. LoveJones MySpace Page

Barely American by MLJ ~ 2009
Barely American DEMO ~ 2010
Recorded at studio city KCMO

Listen & DOWNLOAD FREE from the Mr. LoveJones MySpace Page