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"Let's Go Huntin' Boys!" Opening Day for the Missouri Archery Deer & Turkey Hunting Season this year is September 15th!

Written by the original Ambush Archery founder ~ Shane Wayne, the song touches on his love of bow-hunting, the camaraderie that comes with the weekend hunting trips with the boys and the joys of the father-and-son hunt. The song also pokes fun at the females who give the men an earful every time we wanna go huntin'!

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Shane Wayne's HOODSTOCK! ~ A yearly gathering hosted by Shane Wayne & Ambush Archery USA. For all native Kansas City East Siders past and present. We Salute You!

Shane still owns a city block in one of Kansas City's most beat up areas known as KC's East Side. Every year more & more native East Siders find their way back to Kansas City's East Side and proudly stand with Shane and pay tribute at HoodStock. Much respect to the streets of East Kansas City and may we always remember those passed on that once walked them. HoodStock for the East Siders...a grand event it has become!

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